Best RV Inverter Chargers:

Magnum MS2812 2800W Inverter Charger

 Editor’s choise 

Editors’ rating: 9.0/10

Incredibly compact profile
– A Power Factor Corrected charger
– Numerous installation arrangements


– A low peak wattage
– A tad lower efficiency
– High no-load consumption

The bottom line:
The Magnum MS is a somewhat new entry into the market, though that is mostly due more to rebranding than anything actually changing. Instead, this is basically a professional-grade product at top-tier consumer-grade prices which is still a bargain and a half. Just do not expect too many bells and whistles as this power inverter charger was built for function only.

Even in a market with clear leaders, there is still the occasion where a company can come along and surprise and impress unexpectedly. When it comes to power inverters for RVs, Magnum is just such a company whose roots stretch back to the Sensors and Controls department of the internationally famous Texas Instruments. That said, Magnum-Dimensions is currently just one brand out of many owned by the Sensata conglomerate, so their future is not truly in their own hands.

Still, if you are looking for the best power inverter for RV, then there are few which are truly going to be able to stand toe to toe with the Magnum MS lineup. This is on top of the fact that Magnum power inverter chargers are actually less expensive than many of the more prestigious brands in the market — though this difference does have a tendency to trail off the larger power capacity the power inverter charger provides.

Regardless, the Magnum MS does have a number of benefits you would prefer — some of which are either uncommon or simply absent from many of their competitors. For instance, this is easily the most compact power inverter charger that we reviewed which is ideal if you are using it for a camper power inverter as space and weight are limited supplies that disappear surprisingly quickly if you are inattentive.

Another great quality of the Magnum MS is that it will help preserve the life and reserve of your battery with an advanced PFC function which reduces the energy waste between 25 to 30 percent–which is a big deal for those who live in their RV and travel the countryside–like a type A motorhome or 5th-wheel travel trailer. Finally, it comes in both a 2000W and a 2800W model to give you different power capacities to choose from.

Magnum MS2812 2800W Specifications: 

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Surge capacity: 5 sec surge power 3900W, 30 sec surge power (real watts) 3800W
  • UL 458 listed: Yes, ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458 for mobile use
  • Inverter efficiency (peak): 90 percent
  • Power Consumption – inverting (no load): 30 watts

Product Features:

  • Five stage charging capability: Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize (requires remote), and Battery Saver™
  • Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger: PFC charger is built into all of the Magnum inverter/chargers. It uses less energy from a generator than a standard charger – using 25-30% less AC current than standard chargers.
  • Made in the USA

Magnum 3000W Pure Sine Hybrid Inverter Charger – Ideal for off-grid RVing


Editors’ rating: 9.0/10

Is a hybrid inverter charger
– Has a solid efficiency
– Incredibly compact profile


High no-load consumption
– A bit more expensive
– A low peak wattage

The bottom line:
If you do not mind spending a bit more money, then you are in for a treat as the Magnum MSH brings all of the things you loved about the Magnum MS with some versatility that it is legitimately valuable. Even better, while this is more expensive than the Magnum MS, the Magnum MSH is on par with the other brands’ prices.

There is really no approaching this review without first covering what makes this product different than the prior — what makes the “H” in Magnum MSH so special. Basically, this power inverter charger can accept power from multiple sources and even has the ability to control each flow. This is incredible as it pretty much opens the door to make sure that you are never caught off-guard again.

Basically, so long as you have one good redundancy, then the Magnum MSH will always be able to provide either the inverter or the charger function in case of emergencies. Of course, the real issue is whether or not that is actually something you need to pay hundreds of dollars for — especially if you do not really take your RV off of the beaten path where that kind of failsafe would be indicated.

One issue of concern is the fact that the peak surge wattage for the Magnum MSH is the same as the peak surge wattage for the Magnum MS — even though 1000W separates the two. This means that there is a good chance you will either not be able to get the most out of the Magnum MSH or you will have to be deliberate in the order that you hook things up. Though, you can augment that with the Magnum MS’ hybrid function to feed power from a generator as well as the inverter directly to the device, increasing the total maximum wattage this power inverter charger can support. So if your generator is rated for 2,000 watts and you add that to the 3,000 watts from the inverter, you can run a total of 5,000 watts of electrical loads.

Still, the Magnum MSH does improve on the former in a couple of other small ways like cleaning up the minor efficiency issue. This is even better considering the hybrid factor allows not only 2 sources but also the ability to combine the power from 2 smaller sources to run the full power capacity — something it does without fail, drop, or shifts in various properties, like voltage.

Magnum MSH3012M 3000W Specifications: 

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Surge capacity: 5 sec surge power 3900W, 30 sec surge power (real watts) 3800W
  • UL 458 listed: Yes, ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458 for mobile use
  • Inverter efficiency (peak): 90 percent
  • Power Consumption – inverting (no load): 30 watts

Product Features:

  • Five stage charging capability: Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize (requires remote), and Battery Saver™
  • Hybrid technology: Most inverters only use one source of energy to power loads, either
    from incoming AC power – shore or AC generator – or from the batteries. The MSH-M
    Series combines the energy from both sources to power loads. This allows the inverter to
    recharge the batteries when there is surplus power or deliver more power to the loads if
    they require more than the AC input can supply by itself.
  • Load support: Load support parallels the inverter output with incoming AC sources
    allowing it to run larger loads from smaller generators.
  • Made in the USA

Samlex Evo Inverter/Charger 2200-3000W – A great inverter charger for RV solar power

Editors’ rating: 8.9/10

– Is a less expensive inverter charger
– Has numerous inputs and outputs
– Has synchronized transfer


High no-load consumption
– Sub-par charger efficiency
– Only a four stage charger

The bottom line:
Though not the cheapest by any measure, the Samlex still surprises by coming out with one of the least expensive power inverter chargers that we reviewed. Even better, and somewhat unexpectedly, the Samlex Evo also happens to be the best power inverter charger for RV solar arrays — probably for Class C’s and larger — even though there are other companies on this list which specialize in solar energy and Samlex does not.

Samlex is expected to appear on these lists as it has earned a fairly well-deserved reputation for quality power management and distribution products, but one place you do not expect to find Samlex is on a list of the more budget-friendly products–pretty much regardless the market but especially for power inverters for RV. That said, this is still of the less expensive power inverter charger–whether you get the 2000W or the 3000W model–making the best value for a power inverter charger for an RV.

Beyond the unexpected price, another major advantage that the Samlex Evo brings to the table is control. That said, this is not native control, but the fact still remains that the Samlex Evo is designed to not only work effortlessly with a wide range of control formats but to be able to do so simultaneously without having to use inconvenient and often ineffective adapters. This also makes the traveling lifestyle much easier and more convenient with the ability to switch from grid to off without issue.

Really, the area where this whole thing falls apart is with the charger which is neither terribly advanced nor that efficient. In fact, the Samlex Evo has the worst battery charging efficiency on our list at 75 percent. That said, this might be in part due to the fact that the Samlex Evo only uses a four stage charger instead of the superior five stage charger. Regardless of the cause, the charging function of the Samlex Evo is definitely the feature holding it back and may very well be the reason it is priced so low compared to its competitors.

Samlex EVO-3012 3000W Specifications:

  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited
  • Surge capacity: 1 ms surge power 9000W, 5 sec surge power (real watts) 4500W
  • UL 458 listed: Yes, ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458 for mobile use
  • Inverter efficiency (peak): 90 percent
  • No Load Power Consumption: Normal Mode: 30W; Power Save Mode: <8W

Product Features:

  • AC Inputs: Connect Grid and Generator simultaneously. Priority is given to Grid. Both AC input ranges are fully programmable. Generator input is specifically designed to have more tolerance for wave form distortion.
  • Solar Input: Connect a solar charge controller directly to the EVO through the Battery Charger external DC Input, seamlessly integrates solar charging into the EVO’s power system.
  •  The EVO uses five temperature sensors placed throughout the unit to determine operation of 2 speed controlled cooling fans. Reduces unnecessary fan noise and energy consumption by only running when and where the fans are needed.

Xantrex 2012 Freedom 2000-3000 Watt Inverter/Charger – Great for systems that require stacking inverter chargers

Editors’ rating: 8.1/10

– Supports parallel and series stacking
– Has Power Factor Corrected charging
– Has conformal coated circuit boards


– More expensive inverter charger
– “Optionals” are required
– Only a three-stage charger

The bottom line:
Xantrex seems to be one of, if not, the best power inverter charger manufacturers until you start edging to the 3000W stage, but their ability to stack in pairs gives serious users expanded options with both the distribution and arrangement. Still, Xantrex provides their customary excellence in regards to options, reliability, and efficiency as noted in their glowing rv inverters reviews.

How valuable the Xantrex Freedom SW is depends on how big your budget is and how sophisticated of a power management system you want. To be clear, the Xantrex Freedom SW can arguably provide you with the best power management system out of any of the brands on our list and this is the power inverter charger to do it with. However, to get that arrangement, you will need to buy more than a single base power inverter charger–though they come in 2000W and 3000W models. All of this is reflected in the comments from RV owners in this power inverter charger reviews.

In fact, if you want to use the Xantrex Freedom SW as it was designed to be used, then you will be looking at purchasing two of these power inverters as well as a controller. Of course, you do not need to take advantage of the Xantrex Freedom SW’s stacking feature to get a good performance from this power inverter charger, but then you are paying a significant tax for a feature that is not meaningful to your purposes and a power inverter charger that does not handle peak capacity as well as some. In fact, you pretty much have to purchase the “optional” control panel for this to function outside of the inverter task.

Of course, whatever financial shenanigans Xantrex gets up to are soon forgotten thanks to a performance that can rarely be beaten. In this instance, Xantrex goes the extra mile by ensuring that their power inverter charger is just as capable as any other competitor as withstanding the elements in an exposed setting. The Xantrex Freedom SW accomplishes this with conformal coated circuit boards making this great for that exterior motorhome inverter like a travel trailer or fifth-wheeler installations.

Xantrex Freedom 3012 3000W Specifications:

  • Warranty: 2 Years Limited
  • Surge capacity: 5 sec surge power 6000W
  • UL 458 listed: Yes, ETL Listed to the stringent requirements of UL/cUL 458 for mobile use
  • Inverter efficiency (peak): 90%
  • No Load Power Consumption(inverting): 3 Adc

Product Features:

  • Parallel stacking enables the Freedom SW inverter/chargers to double the available AC output power
    in inverter mode
  • Ignition lockout feature helps to minimize unnecessary battery drain (When used with On/Off Remote Panel sold separately).
  •  Ability to charge batteries drained to extremely low voltage.

AIMS Power Pure Sine Inverter Charger 2000w-3000w – Convenient for casual applications and less expensive

Editors’ rating: 7.9/10

Has 2 AC outlets
– Incredibly inexpensive inverter charger
– A solid peak wattage


– A tad lower efficiency
– Only a four stage charger
– Trouble with peak wattage

The bottom line:
When rock-bottom prices are what you need, the AIMS power inverter charger is just the product to do the trick — though it definitely lacks in some of the more robust and coveted features for RVs. Primarily, this is is a much better power inverter than it is a charger — though it is certainly no slouch in that department, it simply is not exceptional.

Even before their revival, the AIMS power inverter charger was the apple of the general power management and distribution department’s eye. This is because this product has always been one of the top performers in its market and continues to do so — assuming you have more mundane needs that call for the inverter far more than the charger. In fact, this is one of the few power inverter chargers we reviewed which only uses a four stage charger instead of the more efficient five stage charger.

Of course, you are paying anywhere to 50 percent the price of one of the competitors or less, so that slight knock on efficiency should be more than tolerable. One issue which might turn some people away is the fact that the wiring can have temperature issues dealing with the heat generated from the electricity when the inverter charger is operating at or near peak capacity. This can greatly reduce the lifespan of the product and makes it a poor choice for heavy workloads.

Though, this definitely seems to be more of a consumer-minded power inverter charger if for no other reason than because this was the only model to include AC outlets–which is even more surprising for a 3000 watt inverter for rv. The other brands assume that you will be hardwiring the power inverter charger to the electrical system and using a peripheral control panel. As such, this is probably better for those who only occasionally use their RVs–like for a Class B–and do not need a dedicated power charger inverter to provide a constant stream of energy going one way or the other.

AIMS 3000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger Specifications:

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Surge capacity:  20 sec surge power 9000W
  • UL 458 listed: No
  • Inverter efficiency (peak): >88%
  • Power Consumption: Idle Consumption: 55 Watts, Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption: 21.7 Watts

Product Features:

  • Selectable 25W power save mode (hibernation)
  • 7 battery type settings for charger
  • Battery Priority Selector

Best Pure Sine Inverters for RV:

Xantrex PROwatt Series 600, 1000, 2000

 Editor’s choise 

The Xantrex PROwatt series is a fairly easy pick for the editor’s choice as these power inverters deliver some of the most consistent streams of energy that you are liable to find– as the RV inverter reviews will tell. On top of that, this protections are some of the best in the business with few other brands able to truly boast the same kind of reliability that you will find from Xantrex.

Xantrex 1000 SW

This is probably what you might consider the “sweet spot” or the Goldilocks range for the Xantrex as you still get the power that you would expect–save a minor 100W–while still getting the incredible reliability for their top-tier circuitry. The fact that it is less expensive than the comparable Samlex only drives this point home further as the best pure sine wave inverter for RV. Read Full Review >>

Xantrex 2000 SW

While the fact that Xantrex power inverters actually skimp a bit on the real power delivered is generally not a big deal, that difference becomes more and more magnified as the power capacity increases. Still, out of the best inverters for RV we looked at, you could do far worse than the reliable performance that this power inverter charger provides. Read Full Review >>

Xantrex 600 SW

You might otherwise think that it is a given, but the inclusion of a USB port on the 600W model is a big deal as a shocking number of lower wattage power inverters do not include this feature. This is somewhat understandable for modified sine wave inverters, but pure sine waves have no such excuse. That is why it is such a comfort to find it on the PROwatt 600W.

Samlex 600, 1000, 2000 PST Series


While we glorify Xantrex for their top-tier circuitry, the Samlex is arguably just as good in general and even better for certain applications. Specifically, Samlex is ideal when you need multiple power inverters running simultaneously and absolutely cannot abide any electrical interference. Any type of communications purpose is ideal for this brand as they actually have specialized models for this purpose.

Samlex PST 600

Samlex suffers from the same issue that many low wattage power inverters do: no USB port. For a low wattage power inverter, this is a tough pill to swallow considering you are liable to use it on the go as opposed to in a remote location. Power for traveling purposes almost inevitably revolves around smart devices and other high-end electronics. Read Full Review >>

Samlex PST 1000

This is probably the last stop of the Samlex express before most people get off as the price starts to increase in spikes, not climbs. Still, the absence of a USB port continues to mar the Samlex line and makes it a tough sell unless the absence of all electronic interference is such a necessity that the additional cost and absent features are acceptable losses. Read Full Review >>

Samlex PST 2000

Well, if you were not seriously questioning the value of Samlex before, then you most certainly are now as the cumulative price increases leaves us with a product that is much more expensive than its competitors without being able to justify that inflated cost–otherwise, this might arguably be the best inverter for RV that we came across. Read Full Review >>

AIMS 600, 1000, 2000, 3000 Series

If you want the great performance that you get from Xantrex and Samlex but balk at the cost, then AIMS should be your next stop. Often half the cost of the big 2, AIMS has recently found its footing in the power inverter market which has shown a slow price creep. Still, for the time being, this is one of the best values that you can find.

 AIMS pure sine 600

AIMS may very well provide the best value for a small wattage power inverter–period, regardless the type of sine wave. This does not mean that it is the outright cheapest option, but you will get more bang for your buck with the AIMS 600W pure sine wave power inverter than likely any other power inverter on the market–with a USB port to boot. Read Full Review >>

 AIMS pure sine 1000

AIMS continues its general business model of doing what the bigs do at a much lower cost. Along with the USB port and AC outlets, this is also the point in power capacity where AIMS’ durability can truly start to shine in outdoor or remote applications. The ability of this power inverter to handle inclement weather conditions should not be overlooked. Read Full Review >>

AIMS pure sine 2000

This is one of those instances where the general trend is turned on its head and the whole world seems upside down. The fact that the AIMS is more expensive than the Xantrex and Samlex is a bold move for a product that can compete in terms of specs and hardware but this still may be the best 2000 watt inverter for RV. Read Full Review >>

AIMS pure sine 3000

As one of the few brands to offer a 3000W power inverter, we would be remiss to not include it on our list. Granted, there are likely few people who truly need this power capacity, but those that do likely work in harsher settings with possible remote applications. As such, the AIMS is uniquely primed to provide the ideal power inverter for the probable setting. Read Full Review >>

Go Power! 300, 1000, 3000 Series

Go Power! May have a tough climb ahead of it in the power inverter market, but it seems to have identified a niche that may very well allow it to pull itself up to the top with the other 3 brands we looked at. In this instance, Go Power! Could sneak up on everyone with their commitment to professional-grade uses.

Go Power! Pure sine 300

In terms of their low wattage power inverter, Go Power! Does not really wow in any meaningful way, but nor do they really drop the ball either–except for the continued lack of a USB port. That said, both of the AC outlets are GFCI protected which is the same standard used for outlets in your home, helping prevent shorts and blown fuses. Read Full Review >>

Go Power! Pure sine 1500

This is the point where Go Power! Starts to become intriguing as this power inverter is one of the few that can run both 12V and 24V power. It also provides its clean energy with very little resistance–even comparable to Samlex. This is also powered to make it a great 12-volt inverter for camper or other Class B recreational vehicle.

Go Power! Pure sine 3000

As one of the other few brands to offer a 3000W pure sine wave inverter, the fact that this power inverter comes with the same benefits as the 1500W model only makes it that much better. The huge power capacity and versatile power source options make this an ideal choice when looking for a power inverter for a motorhome. Read Full Review >>


by Paul Ertel /July 26, 2018