AIMS 3000 Watt Pure Sine Power Review

 Editor’s choise 

Editors’ rating: 8.6/10

– Is an efficient power inverter
– Has a low no load current draw
– Offers one of the widest voltage ranges


– Does not have a display
– Wattage capacity can fluctuate
– May generate too much interference

The bottom line:
AIMS power inverters are often better at the extremes than they are in the middle ranges of wattage capacity–a reverse Goldilocks if you will. Thankfully, this 3000W power inverter happens to sit at the extreme end of the high capacity mark and is one of the better models we reviewed. 

AIMS is one of a couple companies we reviewed which actually specializes in solar grid products and services as opposed to purely power management and distribution products. That said, AIMS is one of the few companies with this type of profile that included power inverters as part of their starting lineup and made it a point to give that market as much focus as their controllers, solar panels, or batteries.

The AIMS power inverter can be a bit of a mixed bag. By all objective measures, it is easily one of, if not, the best 3000 watt inverter on the market. First, this power inverter is one of the more efficient that we reviewed. With a 90 percent efficiency rating, it is actually more efficient than some of the bigger named power inverters. On top of its superior efficiency, this power inverter is also especially friendly with your battery too.

With a no load current draw of under 1A, this power inverter will drain your battery slower than almost every other 3000W inverter we saw. While this number can actually increase with the fan on, it still never goes above 1.37A. To put that in perspective, many 3000W inverters have a no load current draw of 1.2A or higher–regardless of any other consideration. It is not uncommon for the no load current draw of a 3000W power inverter to sit at 1.5A or more as well.

That being the case, some of the 3000 watt true sine wave inverter reviews for this product have noted a surprising amount of radio frequency interference. This is surprising for a couple reasons. First, pure sine wave power inverters exist partially to provide cleaner energy that is absent that type of interference. Second, AIMS reports their total harmonic distortion, or THD, as equal to or less than 3 percent–well below what some people have reported.

Go Power! 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review


Editors’ rating: 8.4/10

– The outlets are GFCI certified
– Is an efficient power inverter
– Has a power saver mode


– Has a high no-load current draw
– Is a fairly heavy power inverter
– Is an exceptionally expensive power inverter

The bottom line:
The Go Power is a solid true sine wave power inverter, but for the money invested you can get a much better unit or two power inverters from an equally reputable brand. That said, the two outlets provided are GFCI certified and the power inverter is fairly efficient, but the no load current draw is also high.

As a business with more than two decades of experience, Go Power! Is actually a company more focused on solar grid products than power management and distribution in general. That said, any solar grid will need to convert the DC power generated into the AC power that is used by most of our electronics. To accommodate this need, Go Power! Has manufactured the GP-SW3000-12.

To be clear, this product is probably best understood as an industrial power inverter, though it will perform exceptionally well for consumer needs as well. Part of the reason this power inverter tends towards industrial applications is due to its outlets, which are both a positive and negative. The good thing about the GP-SW3000-12 AC outlets is that they are GFCI certified which helps prevent short circuits or tripping the power inverter’s fuses from power surges.

The bad thing about the GP-SW3000-12 outlets is the quantity. This power inverter only provides two AC outlets total. On top of that, it does not come with a USB port either. Considering these two qualities and factoring in that this is by far one of the larger and heavier power inverters, this product makes a bit more sense in a single location for heavy duty use rather than being transported from one place to another.

One interesting quality that is also both good and bad is this power inverters no load current draw. In general, the no load current draw of this power inverter is fairly high at 2A. That said, the GP-SW3000-12 does have a Powersave feature which, at the flick of a switch, will drop the no load current draw down to an impressive .55A. Though, keep in mind that the Powersave mode will throttle the wattage a bit, so do not keep it on that setting while in use.

Power TechON 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Review

Editors’ rating: 8.3/10

– Includes 2 AC outlets and USB port
– Comes with a remote control
– Provides a hardwire terminal


– The fuses sometimes blow too quickly
– Cannot handle as high on amps
– Does not have a great display

The bottom line:
The Power TechON is likely meant to be used in a single place for a single purpose as highlighted by the built-in hardwire terminal. Some of their 3000 watt inverter reviews note that the fuses have been known to blow out quicker than some of the other inverters, however, this problem can be easily solved by their great customer support

Power TechON is a fairly new company that has made quite a splash in its short lifetime. Based out of Arizona, the company specializes in power inverters and various types of cords adapters. This makes perfect sense considering the company bills itself primarily as a manufacturer of power management and distribution products centered around RVs, marine, and automotive uses.

In terms of their pure sine wave inverter, this model is decent but not spectacular–especially when compared to some of their pricier competitors like Samlex or Xantrex. One of the biggest issues of this power inverter is the fact that a number of their 3000 watt true sine wave inverter reviews note that this product’s fuses blow out quicker than they expected.

Digging a little deeper, it seems that this pure sine wave power inverter can occasionally have trouble pushing higher amperages. While this does not actually affect the power inverter’s ability to function at full capacity nor does it affect the voltage of the power delivered, it will limit some of the devices you may want to run this power inverter with. A number of this product’s 300W power inverter reviews noted that the power inverter would either short or simply engage the safety protocols and shut off when exceeding between 13A to 15A. This means exceptionally powerful power tools may have some difficulty running on this power inverter.

That said, following the stated purpose from the manufacturer itself, this power inverter does come with a hardwire terminal to make permanently hardwiring this inverter to an electrical system much easier. This feature is likely most useful for RVs, marine vehicles, and semi trucks.

AIMS Power 3000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Inverter Charger Review

Editors’ rating: 8.1/10


– Has the highest rated peak surge at 9000W
– One of the most efficient inverters
– Can be used to charge your DC batteries


– Is exceptionally large and heavy
– Is an expensive inverter
– Only comes with 2 AC outlets

The bottom line:
Even though it is one of the more expensive inverters we reviewed, it is actually an exceptionally inexpensive invert charger combo. Of course, if you do not need the charger function, then this is simply an overpriced power inverter. That said, it does offer the best peak surge wattage which is 3000W better than the next closest competitor

If you simply look at this product as a power inverter and take it at face value, it might seem that this is a wildly overpriced 3000W pure sine wave power inverter. However, when you consider that this is actually a hybrid product that is both a pure sine wave power inverter as well as a battery charger, your sticker shock should subside some. Still, if you do not have a need for a battery charger, this is likely not the product for you.

On the other hand, this is still an excellent power inverter outside of its dual functionality and offers the best rating for some qualities. For instance, there is not another 3000W power inverter we saw that can even hold a candle to this product’s peak surge wattage. At 9000W, a ridiculous wattage that can be held for up to twenty seconds, this power inverter’s peak surge wattage is a full 3000W more than its next closest competitor.

On top of the peak surge wattage, this is also the most efficient 3000W power inverter we saw and is actually more efficient than even the industry-leading Samlex and Xantrex. With an efficiency rating of 95 percent, this power inverter is a full 10 percent more efficient than the competing Samlex and 5 percent more efficient than the competing Xantrex–the latter of which only offers a 3000W pure sine wave power inverter for almost twice the cost as this model.

One thing to keep in mind though is that this power inverter/charge hybrid is not as convenient as some of the others on our list. For one, it is significantly larger than most of the power inverters reviewed at almost double size of the standard power inverter. This is also one of the heaviest power inverters we saw at 62 pounds.

Go Power! 3000W Heavy Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter Review

 Editor’s choise 

Editors’ rating: 8.5/10

– Provides 4 AC outlets and USB port
– Offers a good display
– A surprisingly light 3000W power inverter


– Is a modified sine wave inverter
– Is fairly expensive
– The optional remote is subpar

The bottom line:
If you are in the market for a modified sine wave inverter, The Go Power 3000W Heavy Duty may be your best bet. In terms of connections, this one offers the most we saw with 4 AC outlets as well as a USB port. Moreover, this power inverter travels better than the others due to its lightweight design.

When looking for a 3000W modified sine wave inverter, this may very well be the best model we saw. In fact, the Go Power! Heavy Duty modified sine wave inverter can arguably go toe-to-toe with some of the heavy hitters in the power inverter market like Samlex or Xantrex. When it comes to convenience and versatility, there actually is no competition whatsoever: the Go Power! Simply wins, hands down.

One of the more impressive qualities about this 3000w inverter is the sheer number of outlets and ports that it provides. While a USB port is not exactly uncommon, it is far more rare on some of the higher capacity units from the more respected brands. However, it is the AC outlets that truly impress. With four AC outlets in total, this power inverter can handle more devices at one time–assuming the wattage capacity is not exceeded–than pretty much any other power inverter that we saw, regardless of maximum wattage capacity.

Though not the best on our list, the display provided by the Go Power! Is reasonably good, presented in bright digital numbers that can show either the output voltage or the output wattage–which can help ensure that you do not overload the system if you are utilizing all of its numerous outlets.

Another surprising feature of the Go Power! Is how portable it is. At a little over 10 ½ pounds, this is by far the lightest 3000W power inverter that we saw. Moreover, the dimensions of 10” x 4” x 11 ½” easily put this on par to be one of the more compact power inverters reviewed as well. Altogether, it is far easier to transport this power inverter from one location to another than some of the others we saw.

iRULU 3000W Microprocessor Power Inverter Review


Editors’ rating: 8.3/10

– An inexpensive 3000W power inverter
– Superior display than most
– Manages heat fairly well


– Is a modified sine wave
– Included cables are subpar
– Cannot replace the fuses yourself

The bottom line:
As far as modified sine wave inverters go, the iRULU is definitely a cut above most of its competitors. It manages the excess heat common to modified sine wave power inverters better than most others and offers a solid display. The inability to change blown fuses is arguably this power in verter’s biggest flaw.

iRULU is an American company founded in 2005 and based out of Ohio. While this brand provides some of the best modified sine wave inverters, that is actually not the company’s primary market focus. Instead, iRULU actually manufactures more smart devices and smart device accessories than it does power management and distribution products.

Still, this 3000W power inverter is an impressive entry in the modified sine wave power inverter market. Easily, one of its best qualities is how effectively it manages heat. Modified sine wave inverters inherently generate more heat than true sine wave inverters which can often lead to the power inverter generating quite a bit of noise from its fans. Thankfully, the iRULU’s dual exhaust fan and aluminum body manage the power inverter’s heat well enough that this is rarely an issue.

While it only offers two AC outlets, the iRULU does come with a 2A USB port–though a 2.1A USB port would be more standard for modern smart devices. Still, since modified sine wave inverters should really only be charging smart devices and not directly powering them, this may be a bit of a moot point. This power inverter also provides one of the best digital display we saw.

That said, there is one minor issue with the iRULU and one glaring issue. The minor issue is that the included SAE cables are too long and not a thick gauge to be able to properly pull enough watts to run at capacity. The bigger problem is the fact that you cannot change blown fuses in the iRULU power inverter without either voiding the warranty or paying a hefty shipping cost to send it back to the company.

ENERGIZER 3000 Watt 12V Power Inverter Review

Editors’ rating: 7.8/10

– Includes two USB ports
– Offers the best display
– Better for processors than most


Is a stepped modified sine wave inverter
The USB ports split amps
Is one of the more expensive inverters reviewed

The bottom line:
Energizer has an excellent reputation when it comes to batteries, but their reputation for other power management devices can be rocky. This is not a problem for this power inverter as its graduated stepped modified sine wave is surprisingly gentle on high-end electronics or anything with a microprocessor–not to mention it provide two USB ports.

Energizer is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to power management products. This is in part due to the fact that this company has been in the power management business for well over 100 years. That said, this brand is far more well-known–and focuses more strongly–in the production of batteries.

That said, the Energizer power inverter is definitely a product of convenience. While it only provides four AC outlets, it does offer four USB ports–the only power inverter we reviewed that does so. Considering our modern needs for smart devices, this is a welcome addition. That said, the USB ports split their power distribution. If you are simply charging your smart devices, this will not be much of an issue. However, if you are trying to power the devices directly, the single amp of power from each USB port will not be enough to directly power four devices simultaneously.

The Energizer 3000w inverter also provides by far the best display. The LED display will tell you the battery level of the power source, the output wattage of the inverter, the input voltage received, as well as numerous warnings should you be pushing the Energizer inverter to its limits.

While this is a modified sine wave inverter, it is also a stepped modified sine wave. This means that the power will not switch voltage polarity as slowly or drastically as with other modified sine wave inverters. In practice, this makes the Energizer power inverter more suitable for high-end electronics than many other 3000w inverters that do not produce a pure sine wave


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