Samlex PST 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review

 Editor’s choise 

Editors’ rating: 9.3/10

– Exceptionally quiet inverter
– A highly efficient inverter
– Durable in difficult environments

– The most expensive inverter reviewed
Only offers 2 AC outlets
Does not provide a USB port

The bottom line:
The Samlex is a fairly expensive product, but you get what you pay for. In terms of the products we reviewed, this is easily the best 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. The fact that it can withstand a dust and debris filled environment alone should stand as a testament to its quality.

Samlex is a company noted for exclusively manufacturing power related products. While their most popular and plentiful products relate to power conversion, they actually manufacture a number of products that generally involve the transport, collection, or storage of power. When it comes to power inverters, Samlex is easily one of the more reputable brands on the market, noted for producing high-quality inverters that utilize pure sine wave inversion more than modified.

The PST-2000 is a shining example of this company’s commitment to excellence. When considering a power inverter, one of the more relevant qualities generally relates to the inverter’s efficiency. How well does the inverter convert DC power to AC power? For high-end power inverters, this ration should be well over seventy-five percent. Thankfully, the PST-2000 provides a whopping eighty-five percent efficiency.

Another advantage of the PST-2000 is its durable architecture. One customer’s 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter reviews noted that this product was able to survive a week used in an open desert without trouble. Afterwards, the inverter was cleaned and has shown no signs of an issue. This makes the Samlex an ideal inverter for construction where sawdust and other particulates may cause problems for inferior inverters.

When looking at downsides, this product actually does not have many. In fact, the only potential annoyance would be a lack of additional outlets and ports. This is one of the few inverters we looked at without a USB port–though you can always use a USB to AC adapter. Other inverters also included three or four AC outlets instead of just two. Still, this is a minor issue as it does not affect the quality of the inverter.

Xantrex PROWatt 2000 SW Pure Sine Inverter Review


Editors’ rating: 8.8/10

– Comes with a USB port
– The most efficient inverter reviewed
– One of the more durable inverters

– Has 1800W of continious power, not 2000W 
– Provides only 2 AC outlets 
– Has a low peak surge of 3000W

The bottom line:
When efficiency and consistency are key, you would be hard-pressed to find an inverter much better than the Xantrex. With a power conversion efficiency of ninety percent and more reliable circuitry than most, this would be an ideal inverter for the RV where you are likely to need to watch the energy consumption.

Much like Samlex, Xantrex is another brand which focuses on power conversion, transportation, generation, and storage solutions to the exclusivity of all else. This allows Xantrex to provide some of the best products related to this field in the market. In fact, Xantrex often goes a step further than many other brands and makes it a point to put their product’s through the paces by ensuring that they can pass various, optional regulatory standards not required.

As such, it should come as little surprise that the Xantrex PROWatt is one of the most durable inverters that we saw. Keep in mind, durability can mean a couple things here. While this inverter may not necessarily be able to handle rougher environments quite as well as some, it provides a significantly better circuitry structure. This means that even when compared to other high-end inverters, the Xantrex will be able to withstand surges and shorts better than most.

Another advantage of Xantrex focusing on quality circuitry relates to the inverter’s efficiency. Remember, we said seventy-five percent was a good benchmark and eighty-five percent was the ideal target. Well, the Xantrex PROWatt blows both of those standards out of the water by providing an eye-popping ninety percent efficiency. For those of you relying on deep-cycle batteries, this should push the needle in terms of which product you choose.

That said, this product does have one particular limitation. This inverter provides 1800W of continuous power and the peak wattage is only 3000W. If you are running a single appliance, tool, or what have you to the inverter, that will pose no issues. If you intend to use both AC outlets, you may need to be careful which thing you plug into the inverter first to prevent a surge beyond the Xantrex’s capacity.

AIMS 2000 Watt 12V Pure Sine Power Inverter Review

Editors’ rating: 8.7/10

– A reasonably priced inverter
– Provides 3 AC outlets
– Provides a USB port

– Does not include a kit
– Is fairly energy-hungry
– Large and heavy

AIMS has put the pieces together and figured out how to provide their custom-level of quality at a mass market price. While you may not necessarily get all of the bells and whistles with this product, it is easily one of the more durable power inverters that we saw and would do well in an outdoor or remote setting exposed to the elements.

AIMS may not have started as a company you would first consider when looking for a power inverter, considering the company originated and continues to exist specializing in sustainable energy systems. That said, taking the same custom-level of quality from their system projects and selling it to the consumer does present an interesting situation where the company is simply taking advantage of an opportunity, not making a concerted effort.

As such, this means that you will get some of the best performance and overall quality from AIMS such that it is now comparable to Samlex or Xantrex–well, not quite that good. But the fact remains that this power inverter will provide consistent and clean energy without the hiccups you might expect from some of the other more budget-minded products. For instance, this power inverter can handle some legitimate amperages at 16.6 which is more than enough for most appliances and devices that could test the power capacity of this inverter. In fact, it is that consistency and the limits of the inverter that might allow it to compare favorably in a heavier weight class.

Specifically, this power inverter was designed to be used for solar power and other sustainable energy systems. This inherently places the power inverter outdoors and exposed to the elements–something that AIMS accounted for when designing this product. As such, the AIMS 2000W power inverter is encased in a durable aluminum body with circuitry that was designed to handle shifting changes in temperature as well as differing levels of humidity, dust, and other contaminants.

WZRELB 2000 24V Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Review

Editors’ rating: 8.5/10

– A fairly inexpensive inverter
– Has quiet fans
– Provides a solid LED display

– Provides only 2 AC outlets
– Is fairly energy-hungry
– A bit more input voltage sensitive than others

The bottom line:
When you have an item which is going to require serious power for a continuous stretch, the WZRELB is a solid option. With 2000W of continuous power and a 4000W peak surge rating, there are few items that this inverter cannot handle. Just be sure to regularly check its power source.

WZRELB is a very interesting company on our list. Like most of the other brands we reviewed, this company does specialize in power products, though unlike many of the other brands on our list, WZRELB only manufactures power inverters–excluding the other power related products commonly associated with companies in this market. Their line of inverters ranges from modified sine to pure sine wave inverters and inverter chargers, with power output ranging from 300 to 15000 watts. Another interesting feature is that WZRELB sells exclusively through limited online outlets, though this does allow them to reduce the cost of their products.

In terms of quality, the WZRELB 2000w 24V is decent, and even though it will not blow you away as being one of the top-tier products, often it will cost less than it’s more expensive 2000w 24V competitors while having all the same features and specifications. The great thing about this inverter is that it rarely causes any interference and unwanted audio noises. Another great thing is that despite having powerful and robust fans, they still manage to be pretty quiet.

That said, it would be nice if the WZRELB came with more than two AC outlets. With 2000W of continuous power, you will likely find yourself not using its full capacity. 

This power inverter is hungrier than some of the higher end inverters we reviewed. This means that you may need to replace or recharge the batteries feeding this inverter more regularly than with other products.

Power TechON Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W Review

Editors’ rating: 8.3/10

– The least expensive inverter we reviewed
– Provides 3 AC outlets
– Provides a USB port

– Internal protections are not reliable
– Connectors are not standard size

The bottom line:
When it comes to a budget option, there are few 2000W power inverters that cost less than the Power TechON. That being said, this inverter may have issues handling its full continuous wattage capacity, so you will want to make sure that it can do so right once you receive it in case you need to return or exchange it.

When comparing Power TechON to some of the other companies specializing in power inverters and other products within the market field, a consistent pattern emerges. The brand is poised to become recognized as one of the top-tier manufacturers of power inverters, but it has not yet quite made than the leap. Instead, Power TechON is better understood as a mid-tier product–decent but not spectacular.
That description fits the PS1003 to a “T.” One thing to keep in mind about Power TechON power inverters, they are generally better at the lower end of the power spectrum. While their high wattage units are not poor, they are definitely not built to handle the increased wattage quite as well. This seems to be an issue where the brand uses many of the same components for the higher wattage model and simply adds more of them.
While this can work, it still stresses the components harder than it would using higher quality components. As such, this can lead the Power TechON to suffer internal failures a bit quicker than some of the other brands. Generally, this will show itself either the first time you turn it on or not at all. Thankfully, if this does occur, it means that the inverter is likely still under warranty–assuming you check it when you first receive it–and can easily be replaced without further investment.
Still, if you are looking for the most affordable power inverter, this is close it. It is by far the least expensive inverter we reviewed. Moreover, this inverter is one of the few to come with more than two AC outlets. Even better, it also provides a USB port, so you do not need to worry about any adapter when charging your smart devices.


POTEK 2000W Power Inverter

 Editor’s choise 

Editors’ rating: 9.0/10

– A somewhat inexpensive inverter
– Provides 3 AC outlets
– Runs quieter than most

– The fuses are not replaceable
– Voltage and amps will fluctuate

The bottom line:
If you are looking for a three-outlet power inverter on a budget, then this is likely your best bet. The fact that the POTEK can deliver all 2000W through a single outlet is also a nice feature. That said, this power inverter suffers from some of the instability issues that often accompany modified sine wave inverters.

POTEK is a young upstart that has not been around all that long. In fact, this company is the newest that we reviewed. While the brand provides mostly for power management markets, they also dabble in other areas as well. POTEK manufactures power washers, mini-coolers, heaters, and power inflators as well. Still, the majority of the company’s focus remains on power management, including solar controllers.
While not the least expensive power inverter we saw, the POTEK is still fairly competitive in pricing with the more budget-friendly options. Additionally, this power inverter provides three AC outlets as well as a USB port to charge your smart devices. You will definitely want to replace the included cables though since they are not gauged properly for full wattage use. Still, this inverter can run the full 2000W through a single outlet. Moreover, this power inverter is known for being a reasonably quiet model that does not start running the fans until it gets over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
Of course, not all is ideal with this power inverter. For one, this inverter falls into the aforementioned category of products that do not allow you to change the fuses. Should a fuse blow out, you will need to send it back to the company to replace them or void your warranty doing it yourself. Another issue with the POTEK is that the voltage and amp output has been known to fluctuate. As such, your powered items may not run consistently–an issue that only compounds due to it being a modified sine wave inverter.

UFire 2000 Watt Inverter


Editors’ rating: 8.8/10

– A fairly inexpensive inverter
– Fuses can be replaced
– Solid internal construction

– Does not have a display

The bottom line:
* Update: The UFire has recently lost its Editor’s Choice award due to some shipping errors and quality control, but we hope this is likely a temporary issue that will be fixed. 

The UFire is a great product that is very compact and convenient to use, is easy to install and works perfectly. With 2 AC outlets, eight 35A extra fuses, 24-month warranty, and reasonable price this 2000 watt inverter is certainly one of the best on the market.

UFire is a unique company on this list in a couple ways. First, this company does not specialize in power inverters or other power management equipment. Instead, they offer a whole range of products, including items that are not powered at all. The other unique quality about UFire is that they do not have a large brand presence. Selling almost exclusively through Amazon, this allows the brand to provide solid products at a significantly lower price than some of their competitors.
The UFire power inverter is as similarly unique as the company that manufactures it. For one, this inverter is a modified sine wave inverter. This means you can charge sensitive electronics, but do not try to run them directly from this unit. That said, this 2000w inverter does not suffer from some of the same issues with overheating that others do and can handle temperatures as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.
That said, this is one of the better-constructed power inverters on our list due to its internal architecture. For one, the UFire features a solid heatsink that quickly dissipates additional thermal energy and two fans that run relatively quietly when they do turn on. Other internal design qualities that are nice include replaceable fuses. A number of power inverters we looked at required you to send the product to the manufacturer to replace your fuses.
One minor issue that is a bit frustrating but does not functionally affect the quality of power inverted include the display. The problem is obvious: this power inverter does not provide any kind of display. This means that you will have to listen for the alarms that the inverter sounds as a warning. Ultimately, unless you remain firmly fixed within earshort of the inverter, it may overload without your knowledge.

iRULU 2000W Inverter

Editors’ rating: 8.6/10

– The least expensive inverter reviewed
– A surprisingly quiet inverter
– Accepts a variety of AC plugs

– Is a stepped modified sine wave inverter
– The fuses are not replaceable
– Included cables are substandard

The bottom line:
When it comes right down to it, this is very likely the best all-around value that you can find for a modified sine wave inverter. The stepped modified sine wave inversion process at such a low price point is nearly unheard of. When you combine that with a highly diverse AC outlet that accepts virtually any plug, this is a versatile inverter indeed.

iRULU is an interesting company. Like many of the other brands on our list, this company sells exclusively online so that it can deliver high-end products at a fraction of the cost of more well-known brands that sell in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, iRULU is one of the few companies on our list that also manufactures and sells smart devices like tablets and smartphones–a fairly delicate market.
In terms of their power inverter, this too is a modified sine wave inverter, but it alters the process of the wave transformation differently than some of the other products on our list. This inverter actually modifies the sine wave in steps so that the switch from one voltage polarity to the next is shorter and less drastic. Ultimately, this makes the iRULU a much better modified sine wave inverter to use with more sensitive electronics like computers, printers, or anything with a microprocessor.
Even better, iRULU accomplishes this task while still maintaining the lowest price on our list–the other stepped modified sine wave inverters we reviewed are more than twice the cost of the iRULU. In an effort to appeal the broadest base of consumers possible, the iRULU also uses AC outlets that can accept a wide variety of different form factor plugs beyond the standard two and three-prong US standard.
That said, this power inverter is another model we reviewed which does not allow you to change out blown fuses on your own without voiding the product’s warranty. This is a bit odd since the inverter otherwise seems to place a strong focus on customer preference. The connecting cables included are also not gauged properly and will need to be replaced, but that is not a serious concern.

AIMS 2000 Watt 12V DC Power Inverter

Editors’ rating: 9.0/10

– Has a USB port
– Provides 3 AC outlets
– Offers good display and a remote option


– The connector design is a bit flawed
– Is a modified sine wave inverter
– Has a large idle power draw

The bottom line:
While AIMS occasionally gets mixed reviews for their pure sine wave inverters, their modified sine wave inverters seem to be some of the best available. While a bit more expensive than some other brands, they are reliable and provide numerous outlets and ports to satisfy all of your power distribution needs.

Though AIMS may specialize in solar grid equipment and push their custom services, they also sell their power inverters as stand-alone options. When it comes to the AIMS 2000W model, this is an excellent power inverter that is also a reasonable price–though it is definitely a bit more expensive than some of the other power inverters in its same market.

One thing that has to be addressed is that this is a modified sine wave inverter. That means that this power inverter will not provide as clean or clear of energy as is required to run higher end electronics–especially those with a microprocessor. That said, AIMS produces a high quality modified sine wave inverter whose square sine wave uses a stepped voltage change to alleviate some of the issues associated with all modified sine wave power inverters.

In terms of functionality and convenience, the AIMS power inverter once again impresses. This power inverter offers a USB port which is not always an expectation at this high of a wattage capacity. On top of the USB port, this power inverter also provides three AC outlets. Again, while not exactly rare, it is just as likely that a power inverter of this wattage capacity would otherwise only have two AC outlets instead of three.

One issue with this inverter is its idle power draw. With an idle power draw well over 1 amp, this power inverter is definitely one of the more power-hungry power inverters we saw. In fact, some power inverter reviews even noted the idle power draw creeping up to 2 amps which is fairly high. Another thing to consider is the connection design. The connection requires an SAE cable, but it is designed in a way where you could accidentally have the connection touching the case. This would cause the power inverter to short out.

Cobra CPI 2590 2500W Professional Power Inverter

Editors’ rating: 8.4/10

– Provides 2500W continuous power
– Provides 3 AC outlets
– Can be powered by two batteries


– The most expensive inverter we reviewed
– Is a stepped modified sine wave inverter
– Is incredibly energy-hungry

The bottom line:
If you are looking for a power inverter that can do it all and are not too much concerned about cost, the Cobra power inverter is one of the best performing products on our list. It provides 500W more continuous power than any other product we reviewed, includes 3 AC outlets, a superior protection program, and can support a remote control function.

If you have heard of the Cobra company, chances are it was not in conjunction with power inverters. In fact, this is one of the older companies on our list and started in the 1940s making televisions. It quickly shifted focus and even developed the first citizens band, CB, radio. Since then, the company has focused far more or making products for your car than anything else including dash cams, radar detectors, and alarm systems.

When looking at the CPI 2590 power inverter, one thing should jump out at you immediately. This is the most powerful inverter that we reviewed with 2500W of continuous power. Even better, this inverter also provides a 5000W peak surge, so you do not have to worry about any of your appliances or devices tripping the protections of the CPI 2590. Though, that actually brings us to another great quality of the CPI 2590: the patented Pentagon Protection features the standard protections commonly found on other inverters. However, these protections are far more reliable than on most other inverters and will not test the CPI 2590’s components.

This inverter is also one of the few we reviewed that provide three AC outlets as well as a USB port. Moreover, this inverter comes with the option of using a remote control, though that feature will need to be purchased separately. Unfortunately, that brings us to one of the major issues with the CPI 2590: the cost. In fact, this is the most expensive power inverter we reviewed–costing as much as some pure sine wave inverters.


by Paul Ertel / Updated December 14, 2019

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  1. Hi there
    I am a big rig driver I am looking to replace my power inverter, right now I am using old inverter making lots of noise it does not run my microwave or fridge the only think this inverter do charge my cellphone and if I plague my TV in the fan turns on its very loud … So I always use my APU… But some time I am parking the truck in residential area as a courtesy I don’t use my APU because its loud… Is any one can give a good inverter option I can buy is very quiet run my fridge, microwave and TV continually without draining my battery… Thank you!!!

    1. Hello Basit!
      Let me ask you a few questions first, so I that could help you.

      What size of inverter have you decided to choose?
      You need to calculate the power consumption of your appliances that you want to use. Lets say refrigerator(50-100W) + TV(50W LED)+ + inverter(10W-25W) + microwave… Remember that power commonly advertised for microwave ovens are the cooking power. The microwave ovens might consume 40% to 100% more than its advertised cooking power. Please check the back or inside of the microwave and you can find the power consumption. Usually, for 750W-1000W Microwaves, you need a 1500-2000W power inverter.
      Now add about 15% for inverter inefficiency and seems like you need at least 2000 or even 3000W inverter.

      Now, are you looking for a standalone inverter or for an inverter\charger?
      When the truck is supplied with external AC power, at a truck stop, for example, the inverter/charger takes the incoming power and recharges the batteries back to full capacity. Excess power is supplied to the cab to run appliances. So it is pretty convenient as you see. However, inverter/charger cost at least 2 times more than standalone units.

      And turning to the question about draining the battery, what you have hooked to the inverter will determine how much juice is drawn from your batteries. The inverter itself will not run your batteries down by itself, it is determined by what you have plugged in.

  2. Hi – I have a home and shop off the grid using solar with batteries and a 6kw generator (12v system). I’m presently using a 30 year old Hart inverter and would like to go to a 2kw pure sine wave inverter. I have some heavy tools (table saw and planer that are 220v) that I will continue to use with the generator, but I’d like to be able to run others (band saw, drill press, etc) that are 110v but pull more than a kw. I have pretty normal requirements in the house (no dishwasher or microwave though). I was considering going to 24v system until I started adding up what that would entail as far as new equipment and so scaled back my dreams of running the whole shop via the inverter. Can you recommend an inverter for my needs??

    1. Hi Charles!
      What do you think about AIMS? AIMS have a lot of different models and some are “not bad”, but this one is of very high quality. Plus it is 30% cheaper than the Samlex. And it has 2 year warranty. I think it can be a solid choice.

      Anyway, don’t expect from today’s inverters to work for 30 years. 🙂

  3. I just read on (Top Ten Tech Power Inverters of 2018) that the Power TechOn units are the top 4 units reviewed (9.7,9.4,9.1 and 9.0). The 2000 watt unit is #4 at a 9.0 rating. You mentioned that the company was poised to be very good. do you think they have arrived already?

    1. Hi Dale!
      Nope, I don’t think so. It is pretty good and it is much cheaper than competitors, however, still not as good Xantrex or AIMS, for example.

  4. I have several questions and hope you can provide guidance:
    I am replacing a 600w pure sine inverter as it is undersized for my needs. I am building a mobile shop in which I will be running some LED lighting but mostly a/c motors. These will include bench girders, belt sanders, small (1/3 hp) compressor, etc. Note everything will run at once but I am estimating I will need 1500 to 2000 (continuous) watts capacity to be comfortable.
    1) Do I need a pure sine inverter for my application or will a modified sine inverter work fine?
    2) If a pure sine is recommended, comparing Power TechOn 2k vs Verta Max 1500, how do these compare? The TechOn obviously has a higher rating but VertaMax seems to have better reviews and better monitoring.

    1. Hello Loel
      1) Modified sine inverter for a/c motors usually are not advisable, there are very high chances that it will decrease the lifetime of tools due to higher heating effect and overloading. The speed control(if you have one of course) in your belt sander may not function properly due to above-mentioned reasons.
      2) I took a look at Vertamax that you are talking about (this one if I am right)
      I would say that I personally would go with the more powerful one (Power TechOn 2000w) because in terms of performance they are in the same league, but the 500w difference between them can become crucial for your needs one day. However, if you are 100% sure that 1500w continuous and 3000w surge power will be enough for you then go with VertaMax

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